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PT Administrative Assistant-

Administrative Assistant
Calloway United Methodist Church, Arlington, Virginia
▪ Familiarity with general office procedures either through formal training or equivalent experience.
▪ Previous work experience in an office environment preferred but not necessary.
▪ Computer literate with knowledge of word processing software programs.
▪ Must possess good organization skills, good interpersonal skills and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
Reports to: Senior Pastor
▪ Check all phone messages and return calls as needed.
▪ Check all email accounts daily.
▪ Greet all incoming visitors and staff.
▪ Answer all telephone calls and direct to appropriate staff member.
▪ Ensure that all outgoing mail is mailed out before 12noon.
▪ Collect all attendance rosters from Sunday School as well as both Sunday Services and input all names into church database (or other church membership system).
▪ Collect names and addresses of all 1st time visitors and send a letter from the pastor. Ensure that this is mailed by 12noon on Monday.
▪ Produce an attendance report for committee chairs meeting during the week, so they might know who to expect to attend their meetings. This should be made available before Wednesday.
▪ Collect all names from the Sunday Service rosters for any midweek meal attendance. Produce a list of all attendees and make available by Wednesday afternoon.
▪ Write all donor and recipient memorial cards and envelopes and designate appropriate family and donor. Mail as soon as possible.
▪ Collect birthdays from church database, input into a letter that will be mailed Friday by 12noon wishing the member a happy birthday.
▪ Enter into church database and print all attendance lists for Sunday School classes. Distribute to each classroom with an offering envelope on Friday afternoon to prepare for Sunday morning.
▪ Collect all dates for church activities, meetings and recreational programs, making all reservations ensuring that there are no conflicts and inputting into all calendars.
▪ Make all calls for routine and emergency maintenance of the building.
▪ Order all office supplies, paper, toner, etc.
▪ Sign all invoices and work orders and turn into Financial Secretary as they come in.
▪ Collect all articles for the bulleting daily. Input, arrange, and have proofread before printing. Print necessary amount of copies and have available by 1pm on Wednesday afternoon.
▪ Hard copies of bulletin may be kept in files as well as a public folder for all church members.
▪ Collect all articles, music, sermon titles and scriptures for the Sunday bulletin. Input, arrange, and have proofread before printing. Print a total number of copies as is usually in worship attendance, as well as another set to place in the main narthex, to prepare for Sunday morning.
▪ Collect all incoming mail and distribute to proper individuals, hand delivering the mail to the Senior Pastor and Financial Secretary.
▪ Prepare correspondence and other typing and copying for church staff and committee members.
▪ Keep track of all new addresses and telephone numbers for new and current members of the church. Update the church database.
▪ Transfer all information pertaining to the transfer, death, or oncoming of member to the Membership Secretary. Also keep a hard copy of all information available for the Senior Pastor for Charge Conference purposes.
▪ Keep work space organized.
Current Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Hourly Rate: $8-$10 per Hour

Submit resume and cover letter to:     Enter Administrative Assistant  Opening  in the subject line.


TOMORROW–Manpower Hiring Event!


Hiring Event for Jobs in DC and Arlington, VA

Wednesday, July 19 • 10 am to 2 pm
ARLINGTON EMPLOYMENT CENTER: 2100 Washington Blvd, 1st Floor , Arlington, Virginia 22204

  • Seeking Experienced: Administrative Assistants- Receptionist- Accounting Clerk- Hospitality Staff and MORE!


  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign Up and create profile
  3. Bring your resume and two forms of IDs to the even

Manpower Hiring Event

Manpower Hiring Event

Meet the Employer Event

Wednesday, July 19 • 10 am to 2 pm
ARLINGTON EMPLOYMENT CENTER: 2100 Washington Blvd, 1st Floor , Arlington, Virginia 22204

  • Staff Auditor – Alexandria·      Must have banking and auditing experience
  • Administrative Assistant – DC·      MS Excel, performing calculations, familiar with shipping documents
  • Accounting Clerk – DC·      Excel and invoicing, communicate with providers
  • Cook – DC·      Fulltime Line Cook, Must have cooking experience
  • Forklift Operator – Alexandria·      Warehouse
  • Front Desk – Georgetown·      Must have Hotel Experience, must have flexible schedule
  • Houseman- Georgetown·      Must have Hotel Experience, must have flexible schedule
  • Maintenance Worker- Georgetown·      Must have public facility maintenance experience


  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign Up and create profile
  3. When you have completed your online profile, RSVP by emailing  your resume with subject line ARL JOB FAIR to and to confirm your spot for hiring event!
  4. Bring your resume and two forms of IDs to the event





Nestle USA (Arlington, VA)- Connect for a new career!

How will you flavor everyday life?

untitledCareers with Nestle USA

Arlington, VA

Writing a new chapter in our journey; Nestlé USA is opening its new U.S. headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, directly across from Washington, D.C.   As a part of this extraordinary moment, you have the opportunity to help build the Nestlé USA of today, and tomorrow.

Search jobs, sign up for alerts and join the Talent Community:

Job Listing:

  • NiM Workplace Solutions Service Delivery Manager,
  • Corporate Real Estate Portfolio/Transaction Manager,
  • Executive Administrator,
  • Department Coordinator – Digital Center of Marketing Excellence,
  • Marketing Intelligence Analytics Manager,
  • Executive Administrative – CFO,
  • Executive Administrative,
  • Financial Analyst (Sales Finance),
  • Financial Analyst (Strategic Overhead Cost Management),
  • Finance Manager (Strategic Overhead Cost Management),
  • Strategic Financial Analyst (Corporate Accounting Operations),
  • Consumer Engagement Services Specialist,
  • Consumer Engagement Services Analyst,
  • Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting Manager,
  • Financial Analyst (Corporate Reporting),
  • Digital Strategy Manager,
  • Strategic Financial Analyst (External Reporting),
  • Manager of Search and Websites,
  • Manager of Social Media,
  • Manager of Marketing Technology,
  • Financial Analyst (Strategic Overhead Cost Management),
  • Finance Manager (Strategic Overhead Cost Management),
  • Brand Financial Analyst,
  • Pricing Analyst,
  • Financial Analyst (Division Forecasting & Reporting),
  • Demand Pricing and Optimization Specialist,
  • Statistical Forecasting Lead,
  • Manager Category,
  • Financial Analyst (Expense Reporting),
  • Communications Manager,
  • Market Intelligence Manager,
  • Director, Internal Communications,
  • Internal Communications Manager,
  • Compensation Analyst,
  • Senior Technical Applications Specialist,
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist,


Positions with Arlington County Govt

All jobs are online:

Job # Job Title Salary
4110-17A-DHS-TT ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATE $50,398.40 – $77,001.60 annually
1017-17B-POL-HQ APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER $73,694.40 – $112,632.00 annually
1017-17C-DHS-MB APPLICATIONS DEVELOPER $73,694.40 – $112,632.00 annually
9703-17A-CAO-HQ ASSISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY I $71,572.80 – $109,345.60 annually
8120-17A-DES-EM ASSISTANT TRANSIT BUREAU CHIEF $84,052.80 – $134,617.60 annually
6650-17A-DHS-EM BUREAU CHIEF (HOUSING ASSISTANCE) $88,025.60 – $145,184.00 annually
2982-17D-DES-DB CHIEF BUILDING ENGINEER $56,680.00 – $97,593.60 annually
1608-17A-DES-HQ COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST II $53,019.20 – $92,185.60 annually
8128-17A-DES-MB COMMUTER SERVICES BUREAU CHIEF $88,025.60 – $145,184.00 annually
1044-17A-DTS-MB DATA ENGINEER $60,964.80 – $119,849.60 annually
8604-17D-DES-MB DESIGN ENGINEER (2 VACANCIES) $55,660.80 – $110,614.40 annually
1104-17G-HRD-EM EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT RELATIONS ANALYST $55,660.80 – $110,614.40 annually
1083-17B-DHS-TT EMPLOYMENT SERVICES SPECIALIST (BILINGUAL) $49,337.60 – $75,400.00 annually
3631-17A-DHS-EM HOUSING PROGRAM MANAGER $74,048.00 – $129,272.00 annually
2535-17B-DES-DB HVAC MECHANIC II $64,147.20 – $98,009.60 annually
7012-17G-LIB-HQ LIBRARIAN, CATALOGING AND METADATA $55,660.80 – $89,107.20 annually
4411-17F-DHS-EM MANAGEMENT & BUDGET SPECIALIST $53,019.20 – $105,996.80 annually
6322-17V-DHS-EM MENTAL HEALTH THERAPIST II-ES PRN (3 vacancies) $26.76 – $40.89 hourly
8122-17B-DES-MB PARKING PROGRAM MANAGER $81,099.20 – $123,843.20 annually
5315-17B-DES-MB PERMIT PROCESSING SPECIALIST I, II, III (LIMITED TERM) $38,525.60 – $69,992.00 annually
2682-17A-DES-DB PLANT MACHINIST $54,267.20 – $82,929.60 annually
2689-17A-DES-TT PLANT MECHANICAL PLANNING SPECIALIST $58,323.20 – $89,107.20 annually
5004-17B-POL-HQ POLICE OFFICER $48,006.40 – $81,078.40 annually
6114-17B-DHS-EM PSYCHIATRIC NURSE (PACT) $60,964.80 – $95,284.80 annually
1032-17F-POL-HQ PUBLIC SAFETY IT PROJECT MANAGER $63,627.20 – $97,198.40 annually
1506-17E-DHS-EM REIMBURSEMENT MANAGER $62,358.40 – $95,284.80 annually
3326-17E-AED-MB SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR $55,660.80 – $101,400.00 annually
6140-17B-DHS-MB SCHOOL HEALTH BUREAU CHIEF $88,025.60 – $145,184.00 annually
2982-17E-DES-DB SHIFT SUPERVISOR (WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT) $56,680.00 – $97,593.60 annually
8314-17C-DES-TT TRAFFIC ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN $49,337.60 – $75,400.00 annually
2002-17A-DES-MB TRANSIT SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER $72,425.60 – $110,614.40 annually
1506-17L-DES-DB UTILITIES BILLING MANAGER (MANAGEMENT ANALYST) $62,358.40 – $95,284.80 annually
2355-17A-DES-DB WATER/SEWER/STREETS EQUIPMENT OPERATOR $38,625.60 – $59,030.40 annually
2346-17C-DES-DB WATER/SEWER/STREETS TECHNICIAN V $42,307.20 – $64,646.40 annually
1101-17C-DES-MB WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING SPECIALIST $53,019.20 – $105,996.80 annually