PT Administrative Assistant-

Administrative Assistant
Calloway United Methodist Church, Arlington, Virginia
▪ Familiarity with general office procedures either through formal training or equivalent experience.
▪ Previous work experience in an office environment preferred but not necessary.
▪ Computer literate with knowledge of word processing software programs.
▪ Must possess good organization skills, good interpersonal skills and maintain a high degree of confidentiality.
Reports to: Senior Pastor
▪ Check all phone messages and return calls as needed.
▪ Check all email accounts daily.
▪ Greet all incoming visitors and staff.
▪ Answer all telephone calls and direct to appropriate staff member.
▪ Ensure that all outgoing mail is mailed out before 12noon.
▪ Collect all attendance rosters from Sunday School as well as both Sunday Services and input all names into church database (or other church membership system).
▪ Collect names and addresses of all 1st time visitors and send a letter from the pastor. Ensure that this is mailed by 12noon on Monday.
▪ Produce an attendance report for committee chairs meeting during the week, so they might know who to expect to attend their meetings. This should be made available before Wednesday.
▪ Collect all names from the Sunday Service rosters for any midweek meal attendance. Produce a list of all attendees and make available by Wednesday afternoon.
▪ Write all donor and recipient memorial cards and envelopes and designate appropriate family and donor. Mail as soon as possible.
▪ Collect birthdays from church database, input into a letter that will be mailed Friday by 12noon wishing the member a happy birthday.
▪ Enter into church database and print all attendance lists for Sunday School classes. Distribute to each classroom with an offering envelope on Friday afternoon to prepare for Sunday morning.
▪ Collect all dates for church activities, meetings and recreational programs, making all reservations ensuring that there are no conflicts and inputting into all calendars.
▪ Make all calls for routine and emergency maintenance of the building.
▪ Order all office supplies, paper, toner, etc.
▪ Sign all invoices and work orders and turn into Financial Secretary as they come in.
▪ Collect all articles for the bulleting daily. Input, arrange, and have proofread before printing. Print necessary amount of copies and have available by 1pm on Wednesday afternoon.
▪ Hard copies of bulletin may be kept in files as well as a public folder for all church members.
▪ Collect all articles, music, sermon titles and scriptures for the Sunday bulletin. Input, arrange, and have proofread before printing. Print a total number of copies as is usually in worship attendance, as well as another set to place in the main narthex, to prepare for Sunday morning.
▪ Collect all incoming mail and distribute to proper individuals, hand delivering the mail to the Senior Pastor and Financial Secretary.
▪ Prepare correspondence and other typing and copying for church staff and committee members.
▪ Keep track of all new addresses and telephone numbers for new and current members of the church. Update the church database.
▪ Transfer all information pertaining to the transfer, death, or oncoming of member to the Membership Secretary. Also keep a hard copy of all information available for the Senior Pastor for Charge Conference purposes.
▪ Keep work space organized.
Current Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

Hourly Rate: $8-$10 per Hour

Submit resume and cover letter to:     Enter Administrative Assistant  Opening  in the subject line.



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