Warehouse Asst- AFAC

AFAC/Arlington Food Assistance CenterWarehouse Assistant


The Skinny: 30 year-old, well-respected, and award winning local food pantry seeks a motivated, organized, and energetic go-getter to help us serve the 2,500 families in our care each week! Are you an experienced warehouse worker with a heart of gold? Want to bring your skills, hard work, and creativity to a place where you can make a real difference? Bring your talent to AFAC!
We’re looking for someone who:
 -Is ripe for the picking. You’ve done this kind of work before, so you know how to work smart, not just hard and fast.
 -Is a smart cookie. You have an uncanny ability to identify places to cut costs and time without compromising on quality.
- Is a good egg. You are a good ambassador for your company and have a track record of representing your organization with integrity, grit, charm, and kindness.
 -Cares. AFAC’s mission is to provide free, nutritious, groceries to low-income individuals and families who reside in Arlington County. You’ll go the extra mile to make sure we can do that.
What you’ll do all day:
- Keep it fresh. You’ll ensure that the food coming in and going out is handled properly, gets to its destination on-time, and there’s enough of it to go around.
 –Turnip. On our team, communication is key. Shared logistics, timetables, purchase orders, and site menus keep our warehouse moving and our families fed. You’ll be answering telephone, text, and email correspondence like a tween
 –Romaine Calm & Cheese! You’ll be part of a crew of 4 other warehouse staff and will help guide more than 2,000 active volunteers (each year) turn and churn over 90,000 pounds of food through our AFAC warehouse each week.
Tools to bring to your first day/ Expectations:

  • High School diploma
  • Solid computer and communication skills
  • Previous warehouse experience
  • A valid driver’s license;
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds or more daily;
  • A winning personality
  • Serve-Safe certification preferred

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and best pun (make it an EGGS- elent food pun!)to Koube Ngaaje, Director of Operations, at koube.ngaaje@afac.org with subject line ARL Warehouse
Arlington Food Assistance Center is an equal opportunity employer.
For more http://www.afac.org


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