Outdoor Grounds Crew Member- Columbia Gardens Cemetery

Arlington Employment Center Job Board

Outdoor Grounds Crew Member

Columbia Gardens Cemetery outdoor crews do seasonal gardening tasks such as fertilizing, preparing seedbeds, transplanting, laying sod, aerating, pruning, and trimming. Each member is told which plants to tend and the nature of the work to be done, they complete their assignments with little review during its progress. New or unfamiliar procedures are explained. Completed work is checked to see that instruction have been followed.

Crew members operate a range of power equipment such as string trimmers, mowers and must be able to operate large riding mowers or other specialized equipment.

Tasks and instructions are explicit. Prior outdoor work experience is required. Ability to use common hand tools such as brooms, rakes, hammers, screwdrivers, shovels, chisels, trowels, masonry tools, etc. to perform tasks is expected. The ability to follow verbal directions is required.

Working Environment:

Work is done outside. The work requires frequent walking, standing, pushing…

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