Clerical and Data Entry Positions in Fundraising

CMDI, located in Tyson’s Corner, provides innovative data management solutions and cutting edge, web-based fundraising platforms to non-profit, corporate and political organizations. Our environment is fast-paced and project-driven.

Currently filling positions in the following for Republican -based/ conservative political mailings and donations:

DATA ENTRY position entails:  Keying donations onto in-house program and there are quotas to meet on an hourly basis as the environment is fast paced, no less than 50 wpm and maximum 3 errors permitted.

  • Keying in batches (alpha/numeric data entry) of political mailing and contribution data into database for Republican party efforts
  • Familiar with fast paced office  with strong attention to detail
  • Work is in a production type environment (maintain good presentation, appearance) on Silver Line Metro (near Spring Hill Rd/ Tysons area)
  • Shifts start at 7am for 7-8 hrs; 5 days per week with possibility for more
  • MUST type 50 wpm with max of 3 errors- yes, they will test candidates

TO APPLY: Please send either resume or just a brief email highlighting candidate qualifications, typing speed and contact information with subject line DE-CMDI to AND CC   Rate of pay starts $12/hr.

CAGING CLERK: Opening mail for various Republican and Non-Profit clients and the environment is fast paced and all employees are expected to open a tray of mail in 2.5 hours or less; $12/hr

Fast paced office in need of people with the ability to pay attention to detail in political fundraising; caging duties may include:

  • Retrieve mail from a local post office box on an agreed upon schedule
  • Open mail and sort it according client specifications
  • Pull from the sorted mail “exception” contributions that cannot be deposited due to check problems or compliance problems
  • Pull contributions over the amount designated by client for review
  • Prepare bank deposits and batches for data entry
  • Make deposits in local bank
  • Process credit card contributions
  • Return non-donor mail to the campaign as directed
  • Mail response

TO APPLY: email resumes outlining your experience and skills with subject line CC-CMDI  to AND CC   Rate of pay starts $12/hr.



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