A Wider Circle–Vice President of Marketing and Development


Vice President, Marketing and Development

Job Description


This executive level leadership position will oversee all marketing and development efforts for the organization, playing a key leadership role in the movement to end poverty.



  • Provide leadership and vision in all marketing and development efforts, taking the lead role in shaping the organization’s growth
  • Shape and implement a strategic plan for organizational growth
  • Lead all marketing and development staff members, building and maintaining a cohesive and effective team
  • Serve as a primary representative for A Wider Circle in all external communications
  • Lead the effort to build regional and national partnerships, propelling the movement to end poverty
  • Monitor and evaluate all marketing and development activities to ensure that development goals are being met, prepare regular reports on progress to be shared with CEO and Board of Directors


  • Demonstrated commitment and passion to join the movement to end poverty
  • Excellent writing, communication, and managerial skills
  • Demonstrated maturity in an ever growing environment
  • Ability to adapt and positively respond to a fast-paced environment with shifting priorities
  • Demonstrated flexibility, ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently
  • Creative, innovate and strategic thinker
  • Proven leadership skills, ability to work cooperatively and energetically with a team

Apply online at www.awidercircle.org




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