MOM’s Organic Market- Hiring in Arlington, VA


MOM’s Organic Market Arlington Is Hiring!

YOU:· ask a lot of questions · figure out how to fix it, not who’s to blame · wish for the demise of Exxon, Monsanto, and the coal industry · pull recyclables out of the trash · prefer books to TV

WE: · like real food · aren’t afraid to make mistakes and learn from them · care more about your intelligence and values than your experience · offer employees subsidies to purchase electric cars · give employees a 30% discount on all purchases · pay an $11 minimum wage

MOM’s Arlington Team Members

MOM’s Team Members are engaged in our mission To Protect and Restore the Environment, and work to provide a holistic retail experience with real-world impact. Team Members enjoy wearing many hats while providing exceptional customer service. Some of the store’s functions a MOM’s Team Member can expect to experience include:

  • Front End
  • Customer Service
  • Wellness
  • Produce
  • Stocking

Of course, all of these duties are performed alongside providing remarkable service and knowledge to MOM’s customers! If you have a desire to learn about all the products MOM’s offers and a drive to participate in environmental restoration in a very real way, we want to hear from you!


• Organizational skills
• Detail-oriented nature
• Excellent communication skills
• In some positions, the ability to lift 50+ lbs is necessary

Referral from ARL EMPLOYMENT CENTER Job Board


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